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About Us

Self-care is so much more than a manicure and pedicure:

It starts from within.

You see, as a Black entrepreneur, this was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. After years of building my first business, Payne & Company Cleaning Service, I realized I wasn’t taking as much time as I needed to pour into myself.

It wasn’t until I reconnected with God and put the focus back on myself that I stopped struggling and burning myself out and started thriving, versus just surviving.

And that’s one reason why I started Royal Oils: to remind ambitious, hard-working, men and women just like you that abundance, spiritual connection, and self-care doesn’t have to wait.

You can experience it right now and in every waking moment of your life.

You work so incredibly hard. And it’s time to indulge yourself.

Reignite your journey towards greatness.

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